N.Y. Gov's Education Commission: Still Missing the Who, When and What

Friday, January 6, 2012

So the governor spoke — and left many fresh questions about his intentions in the area of education in the wake of his State of the State address.

Someone from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s inner circle had leaked to The Daily News earlier this week the news that he intended to form a commission to look into student achievement and school accountability. Perhaps that is because on Wednesday the governor was to make educational issues such a small part of his annual state address.

In fact, the speech was devoted largely to the issues of jobs and economic development, with very little mention of the education issues facing the state. As Winnie Hu reported for The New York Times, Mr. Cuomo lambasted the “public education bureaucracy.” And he decried the lack of a deal on a new teacher evaluation system, needed now to attain federal education dollars. After two years of talk and no deal, he said, “Our children deserve better than that, and hopefully they’ll get it this year.”

But details were lacking. And questions that those in the “education bureaucracy” or merely with an interest in education might look for in such a speech were not immediately addressed.

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