N.Y. Parents Say Their Children Won't Take State Tests

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Susan Grobsmith’s children will slide the state English exam back across the desk when their teachers hand them out Tuesday. The three children in grades four through eight at West Genesee will fold their hands in their laps and politely refuse to take the standardized test.

Meanwhile at Lincoln Middle School in Syracuse, Nikolas Ryder will read “The Hunger Games” as classmates bubble in answers around him.

Amelia and Cora Gilbert’s mother will pick them up from school once the exams begin at their schools in the Jamesville-DeWitt district.

They are all part of a state and national movement of parents who don’t want their children to take standardized tests. Facebook pages and websites are dedicated to the subject - some offering sample opt out letters. Jerry Conti, the Westhill High School teacher, became an Internet sensation when he criticized the tests and other issues in a retirement letter he posted on Facebook.

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