N.Y. Schools’ Failure to Improve May Lead to More Closings

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York City’s Education Department may step up its efforts to close schools after more than 150 of them posted a third straight year of mediocre results on their annual progress reports.

The reports, released Monday for elementary and middle schools, showed that about a quarter of schools received A’s and 9 percent received the lowest grades available, D’s or F’s. Education Department officials said that in addition to D and F schools, they will also scrutinize “triple-C” schools, or schools that received a C this year and a C or worse the previous two years. The number of such schools has swelled from 5 last year to 114 this year.

Over all, 304 schools received A’s, 421 received B’s, 365 received C’s, 80 received D’s and 23 received F’s, a distribution roughly equivalent to last year’s.

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