NYC City Council Speaker Offers Different Approach to Schools’ Faults and Student Services

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Without directly criticizing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Ms. Quinn signaled a shift away from his often punitive approach to struggling schools.

She proposed reducing the focus on testing and doing more to address poverty, and she suggested that the city should intervene earlier to help schools that are foundering. “Instead of treating school closing like a goal in and of itself, we should see it as an ultimate last resort when all else has failed,” she said. “And we should make fixing schools not just the responsibility of the principal and the teacher, but of all of city government and the entire community.”

Saying that students need more than just a good teacher to be able to learn, Ms. Quinn proposed that New York follow a program in Cincinnati that has used Medicaid money to establish medical clinics and even an eye clinic in schools, so that students can be treated for various ailments or get a pair of glasses without leaving the building.

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