NYC DOE Blasted for Re-Assigning Disgraced School Officials to Elite Transition Support Network

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Friday, July 20, 2012

It's supposed to be an educational SWAT team to help schools as they phase out of existence.

Instead, the New York City Education Department has turned the elite Transition Support Network into a dumping ground for disgraced school officials with tarnished records, critics charge.

Its staff includes two principals who resigned their positions after investigators found they improperly boosted student scores and a bureaucrat who was suspended for nepotism, city records show.

“This network was supposed to be a safe and supportive space to protect the most vulnerable students in city schools, but instead it has been staffed with DOE outcasts,” said Zakiyah Ansari, a parent leader with the Coalition for Educational Justice. “It is shameful that the city would use this critical network as a dumping ground.”

The support network was launched last year to aid struggling schools that are in the process of being closed down.

When the Education Department closes a school, it usually phases it out, allowing existing students to move up through the grades until graduation while a new school — often with extra resources — takes on the younger incoming students.

Critics charge that process leaves thousands of students in the lurch as their closing schools are stripped of resources.

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