NYC Education Panel Meeting Disrupted By "Occupy" Protesters

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Occupy Wall street movement expanded to classroom politics, as a group disrupted a special meeting of the panel for education policy in Manhattan.

The public meeting at Seward Park High School at 350 Grand Street was supposed to be a meeting for parents to learn about new curriculum standards.

But as soon as Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott began speaking through his headset microphone, a different type of microphone drowned him out.

Called the "People's Microphone," the protesters' call-and-repeat chants, now a trademark of the Occupy Wall Street movement, derailed the Department of Education meeting.

Walcott continued to introduce the scheduled speaker, despite the chanting, but curriculum specialist David Coleman quickly gave up trying to speak over the call-and-repeat chants.

The chancellor moved the official meeting to the third floor, split between three different classrooms.

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