NYC: Low-Income Students Won't Have to Pay More for A.P. Exams

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The city’s Department of Education says it has secured enough money to allow all low-income students to pay the same amount to take the Advanced Placement exams this spring as they paid last year.

The Education Department found $462,000 in its budget to subsidize the cost of the exams.

“We made it a priority to identify funding so that all of our students have the opportunity to take their A.P. exams,” said a department spokeswoman, Barbara Morgan.

The city alerted principals about the financing availability this week. Last month, it had warned them that the price of the tests would rise 50 percent after the College Board, which sponsors the exams, announced that federal financing to subsidize Advanced Placement exams was cut to $26.95 million from $43 million.

The money is allocated to states to help financially needy students take the college-level exams at the completion of Advanced Placement courses.

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