Oakland, Calif. School Board Race Could Hinge on Court Ruling

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alice Spearman has represented District 7 -- East Oakland-Elmhurst -- on the Oakland school board since 2005. She'll serve another four years if she can win enough votes or persuade the courts to disqualify her opponent, James Harris.

Harris lives in Oakland, but his neighborhood is part of the San Leandro school district. Children in Harris' neighborhood are zoned into public schools in San Leandro and in Oakland. Residents there vote for Oakland City Council District 7 and for San Leandro school board.

That, Spearman contends, should make him ineligible to run for a seat on the Oakland school board. "If you can't vote for yourself, it's like, please," Spearman said. "How are you going to run in a race when you can't vote for yourself?"

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