Ohio Auditor Identifies Four More Schools that 'Scrubbed' Attendance Records

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Schools in Canton, Cincinnati and Montgomery and Hamilton counties were the latest to be added to the "scrubbers" list following an extensive review by Yost's office of district attendance records.

In October, Yost identified five other districts that improperly withdrew students to improve the scores they reported to the state, including Campbell City in Mahoning County and others in Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and Marion.

Seventy other schools had errors in their attendance documents, but auditors did not believe there was evidence of scrubbing.

"The good news is that most of the school districts in Ohio play by the rules, they're clean, they're doing it right," Yost said. "I've heard it protested that these rules are ambiguous and they're hard to understand and people are either confused or didn't know what to do. That doesn't wash with me because we had such good compliance throughout the vast majority. … Everybody else was able to do it, it must be clear enough to be able to comply."

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