Ohio District Struggles with Digital Learning Push

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As the state prepares to move to computer-based standardized testing by 2015, officials at some Butler County school districts say they don’t have the computers, bandwidth or high-speed Internet needed to keep up with the digital learning push.

The Lakota Local School District, Ohio’s seventh largest public school district, is about eight years behind when it comes to technology infrastructure, according to an independent consultant who recently evaluated the district’s technology.

“What I love about this report is that it hits it head-on that our infrastructure is incapable; we couldn’t call it modern,” said Lakota Superintendent Karen Mantia. “I apologize for that because we should be a modern educational system, educating students for their world. Yet we are seven or eight years behind the times, and what’s sad about it is we have no funds.”

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