Ohio District Takes Technology to its Limit

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Technology is so prevalent today, why not engage students in school with the same interactive devices and communication tools they love using? That’s the approach the Princeton City (Ohio) School District is taking as it employs a dizzying number of technology devices, software programs, and social media platforms to complement classroom instruction, homework, and extracurricular activities, and bring together students, teachers, counselors and families in a virtual community that increases support, accountability, and ultimately student success.

Teachers like Shawn McMullen, a technology specialist for grades 6 through 12, has student interns use “a vast array of technology every single day”—iPads, handheld cameras, and editing programs like iMovie and Adobe Premiere—to record and edit photos and videos used to create advertising collateral like newsletters and brochures for the district. Lindsay Holliday teaches art at Princeton High School, where students’ favorite art-making apps include Sketchbook Pro, Art Rage and PS Touch, and apps for learning and reference in photography classes. Her AP Studio Art students also use the presentation program Prezi—a more visual version of the presentation software, PowerPoint—to create presentations while on site at field trips to Ohio’s Taft Museum of Art.