Ohio to Investigate Toledo School District Attendance Changes

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Toledo school district in northwest Ohio retroactively altered student attendance records to improve its results on a state report card, the superintendent said. The state is investigating.

Superintendent Jerome Pecko said the district hired an independent investigator and has asked state education officials whether it violated Ohio rules, The Blade in Toledo reported. The district has ended the practice, but Pecko said he doesn't know how many students were affected.

State rules require schools to count test scores of students enrolled continuously for most of the school year, but not the scores of those who withdraw from school at midyear. Ohio school districts apparently are allowed to throw out test scores of students who are not continuously enrolled from October through the testing dates in March and May, and that would improve a school's overall performance rating because withdrawn students' scores would no longer count, the newspaper reported.

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