Ohio School Board Selling Outdated Technology

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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Revere (Ohio) Local Schools Board of Education approved deleting unneeded items from the district’s inventory.

This included removing from the inventory 13 handheld digital voice recorders sold on eBay. The Olympus WS-300M devices were sold to a buyer in Oklahoma for $47 each and shipped Jan. 30, according to inventory control forms.

The board also noted that Technology Coordinator Ryan Lekan has requested that all Palm handheld organizers be removed from inventory, with a list of 102 items acquired by the district mostly between 2003 and 2006.

A note from technology support staff Laura Bell stated they will attempt to sell a couple of them on eBay as well. Adaptors and cables needed to charge most of the Palms cannot be located, she added.

In other business, the board accepted donations, including $50 toward the Patrick Alfieri Lives Scholarship and $1,700 from Bath Volunteers for Service. Equipment donations included 12 control balls and 24 wiffle balls for the softball team, a heavy bag to be used by the baseball team for its batting stations and a guitar for the middle school music department, to be used toward the development of a student guitar ensemble.

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