Okoboji (Iowa) to finalize high school entrance construction plans

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Okoboji Superintendent Gary Janssen cites a current lack of security as one of many reasons the school board has approved plans for a new entrance at the high school. Board members met during a special session Thursday morning, Dec. 13 to discuss construction details with an architect.

"What we are looking at doing, is primarily building a new entrance to the high school," Janssen said. "It started out of concern for safety. Right now, we don't have a very secure way of greeting visitors. And it doesn't have a real clear presence as an entryway. When people come in the current doors, they can go different ways, to the gym, to the lunchroom or to the office."

Janssen said they'd like a more direct entrance to the school office. The current layout allows students to enter and exit through a set of doors on the east side with another set adjacent to the main doors, creating a bit of confusion for visitors.

Thursday's meeting also addressed plans for remodeled locker rooms, an updated media center and a new alternative high school classroom. The current alternative classroom is located on the east side of Highway 71 in Milford, and isn't conducive to use by underclassmen. The alternative classroom, called Avenues of Opportunities, is for high school students who need some credit recovery or extra help with their academics.

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