Online Education Less Successful Than Face-to-Face Classes

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Somewhere along the line “public school” became “education.” In this transformation the old “public school” readin’, ’ritin’ and ’rithmetic taught in the form of math facts, grammar, civics, Latin, sentence diagraming, geography, etc., were eliminated. They were eliminated because they required work to learn and work to teach. They could not be turned into fun.

All learning in the new “education” system must be fun and must be done with a calculator and a computer. The teachers must not have any work to do either, such as correcting papers after school.

American students are pretty much at the bottom of most international test scores. However, when asked, they think they are the best.

Is it any wonder that students do not have success in online classes if they are required to actually do some work and learn something [“Online classes could widen achievement gap, study shows,” NWSunday, March 17]? And, after all, no one has “to do that” any more as government will do it all for them.

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