Online Test Security Breached at Denver Middle School

Monday, March 18, 2013

About 35 sixth-graders at DSST Stapleton learned some hard lessons about cheating last month.

The students were caught worming their way into an online instant assessment program in science and English (called “mastery checks”) and changing answers so their teachers would believe they had mastered subjects.

The caper went on for about a month, DSST Principal Bill Kurtz said. And a few students at the DSST College View campus did it too.

The assessment system, developed by the charter school network and Prometheum Technologies, apparently had a breach that allowed students to access the information multiple ways through various open screens. Once discovered, the holes were closed immediately and students not only faced in-school suspension but had to come in on two professional development days to make up the assessments as their buddies enjoyed time off, Kurtz said.

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