Opinion: The Education Crisis — Success Requires Partnership Between Parents, Administrators, Teachers and Students

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The complex issues in education require an understanding of all sides when it comes to being a success in our education ventures.

Having spent many years of my life in a classroom as a student or teacher, I have opinions about what should be done in making the experience a success for students, teachers, parents and communities. 

Several of the places to lay blame for lack of success are the teachers, administrators, parents and the communities. The complex issues we face in our current culture require understanding of all sides when it comes to being a success in our education ventures. The education model used currently seems to play toward the achievers and leave the underachievers behind.

I can understand the frustration of a teacher when there are students in the class with little or no motivation to learn. There is a push back on almost all forms of authority in our society today. As a person grows, they must be taught to be self-disciplined and to be able to give account for their actions.

Using my parents as an example, neither of them graduated from high school. They were committed, however, in assuring their children would graduate and go even further with formal training and education. My brother, sister and I hold post-high school graduation degrees and training we have been able to apply to our professions to be a success. At the time I graduated high school, few students ever attempted to enter college or try to reach a post-high school training venue. My parents understood the vital ingredient for our successful education experiences. They were involved with us in the learning process. Currently, with so many families living with dysfunction, the students are left on their own with little or no family support. The success of the experience in education requires a partnership between parents, administrators, teachers, other para-professionals and the student.

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