Opinion: Hope For the Best, But Prepare to Work to Improve Kansas City Schools

Monday, September 19, 2011

On Tuesday, the Missouri State Board of Education will vote to determine whether the Kansas City School District will remain provisionally accredited or fall to unaccredited status.

While we are hopeful that the district will remain provisionally accredited, the board could change the status to unaccredited. This would be disappointing but not wholly unexpected.

However, the broader conversation should remain focused on educating the students of Kansas City.

Over the last two years, the school district has made tremendous strides in its fiscal and operational management. The district went through a difficult right-sizing initiative that led to the closing of a number of schools. It made necessary, but often unpopular, decisions to ensure that the district not only avoid bankruptcy but begin operating in an efficient and effective manner.

This community also came together and developed a strategic plan to guide the work of the district. The plan is owned by the citizens of our community and is focused on doing what is best for our children. The superintendent is charged with facilitating the strategic plan for the benefit of the community?s youth.

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