Opinion: Is Outsourcing Education in NC A Good Idea?

Marion Herbert's picture
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winston-Salem Forsyth County (N.C) Schools has outsourced its entire summer school program to a private education company. But, would outsourcing all public education be a good idea?

Taxpayer dollars support charter schools, which is technically outsourcing. Charter schools do great things, but they have limitations just like traditional schools.

Guilford Preparatory Academy emphasizes small class sizes, a pathway to college and a streamlined administration.

Principal Robin Buckrham said, "We can make decisions a lot more efficiently. We manage our money here at the building level. The state funds we get, we manage those. We appropriate those where we see the need."

But, charter schools do not get capital funds. In other words, they do not get money for buildings. Guilford Preparatory Academy leases its space.

"Facilities are our biggest challenge," Buckrham said.

While smaller class sizes and more attention might seem like the answer to improving the education system, it's not that easy.

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