Ore. District Expects More Cuts Despite State Increase in Ed. Funding

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The state legislative proposal to bolster education funding for 2013-14 still means cuts for Hillsboro schools, the board learned Tuesday night.

But instead of a feared $18.7 million, it could be closer to $8 million. The district's general fund is about $169 million this year. The reductions will mark the sixth year of continual cuts for Hillsboro and its 20,900 students.

The legislative proposal relies on $200 million in PERS reform. If that doesn't happen or is held up in court, Hillsboro will slash another $3.7 million from next school year's budget, said Adam Stewart, chief financial officer.

Hillsboro has whittled down its budget annually since 2008, cutting a total of 242 jobs. Of those, 118 were licensed positions, mostly teachers.

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