Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber to Hire Chief Education Officer

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Governor John Kitzhaber says he'll hire an education czar to oversee all education in Oregon.


But some University of Oregon faculty members don't trust the governor's appointment of any state education leaders after he signed off on the sacking of UO President Richard Lariviere.

Hiring a chief education officer is part of the governor's plan to redesign the education system.

The plan includes creating independent boards for public universities, an idea Lariviere has pushed for a while. 

Despite Kitzhaber's support of Lariviere's ouster, the former UO president still thinks the governor has the right idea about education.

"I think he's moving the entire state in absolutely the right direction, not just for higher education but education in general, Laviriere said. "He wants to approach state expenditure on public education as a continuum from Pre-K to graduate school and think this is exactly the right approach."

This chief education officer will have temporary authority over the chancellor and other top education officials until systems are changed and all levels of education are coordinated so a student can move through them more smoothly.


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