Orleans (La.) School Board Decision Means Less Tax Revenue for Charters

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Orleans Parish School Board may be much diminished since the state took over a majority of the city's public schools six years ago, but the old board still pulls some of the most important strings: the purse strings.

The state-run Recovery School District is in charge of about three-quarters of public school students in New Orleans, but as a state body run by state bureaucrats, it does not have the power to tax New Orleanians or sell bonds to raise money for its nearly 70 schools.

Instead, the elected local School Board, which still runs about 17 campuses, sets the local property tax that provides financing for every public school in the city, then hands the Recovery District its share.

Now, that local property tax has emerged as the latest irritant between the city's two competing school districts.

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