Oswego (Ill.) Schools to Consider Sex Ed Beyond Abstinence-only

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you’re a teenager in the Fox Valley hoping to learn about condom use and other contraceptives, you’d better hope you attend a school outside of Oswego.

The Oswego School District is one of the few districts in the area that still relies on abstinence-only sexual education — a discussion of abstinence as the only way to avoid getting pregnant and contracting STDs before moving on to other health topics.

No mention of condoms. No explanation of hormonal birth control. Not even if a student raises her hand with a question.

Health teachers from both Oswego and Oswego East high schools will present to the Oswego School Board a sample lesson of an abstinence-plus curriculum — one that emphasizes abstinence, but offers accurate information on other forms of contraception — Tuesday for discussion.

If adopted by the School Board, abstinence-plus education could begin this term.

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