Pa. District Considers 2 Percent Tax Hike

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Freeport Area School Board will consider final adoption of a nearly $25 million spending plan that calls for a 2 percent property tax increase.

Because the district crosses county lines, the actual amount of the tax hike will be different in Armstong and Butler counties.

The average Buffalo Township property owner will pay $50 a year more while an average homeowner in Freeport or South Buffalo will pay $37 more.

One board faction favors the tax increase to offset anticipated increases over the next three years when the board must borrow money to build a new junior high school.

Another faction, led by board President Mark Shoaf, favors using a fund balance that could total as much as $600,000 instead of raising taxes to have $200,000 more to spend next school year .

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