Pac-12 Schools in Washington Spending Big Bucks on Facilities, Coaches

Monday, August 27, 2012

To illustrate the boom in improvements to football facilities in the Pacific-12 Conference, we take you to Pullman, where the numbers two and four are graphic evidence of what's going on in the league.

The old press box WSU just tore down had two toilets. Not two restrooms, two toilets, not just to cover the media, but the stats crew, both athletic directors' contingents, the president's box and the officials' replay booth. The new, $80-million, tri-level complex — including luxury suites and loge boxes — has 15 restrooms and 73 toilets.

And the new digs have four elevators. There were none in the old Martin Stadium, because, well, none were needed. Four elevators seems like a lot. Then again, nothing seems like too much these days in the Pac-12, where they're spending money and setting rebar at a breakneck pace.

In today's Pac-12, you need a general contractor as well as a gifted quarterback. Only a handful of schools aren't in some stage of major work on their football facilities in what is widely seen in the conference as a movement to play catch-up with some of their peers.

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