Palm Beach County School Superintendent Says Changes Among Top Administrators Saves District at Least $466,000

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Superintendent Wayne Gent is shuffling top leadership positions at the Palm Beach County School District, undoing changes brought on only months before by former Superintendent Bill Malone - and, Gent said, saving at least $466,000 in the process.

Those changes include having only three administrators report directly to him instead of six, as Malone had.

One of those positions - chief financial officer - Gent has eliminated, consolidating its duties in the role of chief operating officer. Only that job, the chief academic officer and the chief of facilities management would report directly to Gent. And instead of six area superintendent offices, there will be five area offices based on geographic areas.

The school board was split on Gent's moves when he shared his organizational chart with them this afternoon. Some questioned whether it adds too many layers to the district's chain of command.

"We wanted a flatter organization versus the organization that we had, which was much more of a steep pyramid," member Jenny Prior Brown said .

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