Panel Discussion Offers Support to Educators in Providing Accessible Instruction

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Providing accessible instructional materials to all students requires strong cross-departmental communication. Join

Atomic Learning for an online panel discussion with Joy Zabala from the National Center on Instructional Materials and Gayl Bowser, Assistive Technology consultant and author, to hear discussion on:

  • tips for engaging school leaders in understanding the importance of AIM, including the PALM toolkit from CAST.
  • resources to share with other educators to help them impact students in their classrooms.
  • the successes and challenges districts have experienced.

To register for the October 25, 2012 panel discussion, visit:

Atomic Learning is encouraging all educators to take a pledge to create accessible instruction. The pledge can be found here:

About Atomic Learning 
Through a partnership with Atomic Learning, schools can provide teachers, staff, students, and parents with Atomic Learning’s professional development resources that focus on tech integration. The Atomic Learning suite of products is designed to provide a comprehensive framework to bring technology and curriculum together, through targeted solutions for specific initiatives, such as mobile or Common Core. Atomic Learning features a guided, step-by-step path for tech integration through online teacher workshops, classroom-ready projects, assessments, and just-in-time training and support on programs relevant to district and individual technology needs. To learn more about Atomic Learning’s solution, visit

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