Paranoia About Common Core is a Lousy Way to Fix Schools

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Imagine a school conference that begins like this:

The teacher explains to the parent the progress being made by his child, based on grades of various tests and homework. Those results stem from a curriculum posted on the school’s website for all parents to see.

The parent gets angry. Really angry.

“Tell the truth!” he or she screams at the teacher, who tries to calmly explain the rationale for the curriculum and grading. Not satisfied, the parent strikes out again. “Are you using my kid as a science experiment? Why are you trying to control his thoughts?”

This was the actual scene the other night at the Lindbergh School District as a supervisor with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education tried to explain the various elements of the new “common core” curriculum standards being adopted in Missouri and 45 other states.

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