Parents, Students Not Too Thrilled with State's Education System

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

An audit of the state's education system conducted by out-of-state firm Public Works, LLC identified several changes to make the West Virginia Department of Education run more efficiently and save millions of dollars. Now, nearly a year after the audit was released, parents and students are voicing their opinions of the state's education system.

Mandy Fish, of Charleston, has a son in second grade at Grandview Elementary School. She said the policies teachers and administration must follow leave her son behind.

"My son happens to be very smart, very social individual," Fish said. "I feel, personally, like he gets left behind because of the system, because of the way it's set up to leave no one behind. I feel like children who should and can be moved forward should be moved forward."

Fish took issue with the firing of Jorea Marple, who served as the state superintendent of schools for about a year. Marple was suddenly fired in late November, a move Fish called "politically motivated."

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