Partnership for LA Schools Receives $1.6M in Foundation Backing for Digital Learning Initiative

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools today announced it has received 1.6 million dollars from several leading California foundations to support its Digital Learning initiative--a program that brings technology and education software into classrooms serving nearly 17,000 low income students across Los Angeles.

"The technology allows our teachers to reach the many different learning levels we find throughout our classrooms," said Marshall Tuck, CEO of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools. "The reality in our poorest schools is that our classrooms are often filled with children with wide-ranging academic abilities. Some are at grade level, a few above, but many lag behind due to all sorts of factors.

"Our Digital Learning initiative provides our teachers with new technology tools, enabling instruction at a variety of learning levels all within the same classroom. Moreover, it provides opportunities for tutoring for students at all achievement levels outside the classroom. It is truly a breakthrough for our budget-starved schools and we are extremely grateful to the Broad, Riordan, Whitman, OneWest, Weingart and W.M. Keck Foundations for their generosity and support."

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