Pasadena’s chronically absent students to get visit from school officials

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pasadena Unified School District students who have been chronically absent or have not been in school at all this academic year may get a visit from school officials.

As part of the “I’m In” campaign, volunteers and staff for the PUSD planned to go door-to-door Wednesday to visit students from all grade levels to find out whether they left the district and enrolled at another school or if they have family, social, or economic issues preventing them from attending school.

“Our schools are working at an accelerated pace and a single day of missed instruction can adversely affect the student’s academic progress,” said PUSD Superintendent Jon R. Gundry. “Immediate action is necessary because research tells us that missing or skipping school occasionally in the early grades can easily become a habit that put students on track to drop out of school.”

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