Path4Success announces new school partnerships

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Path4Success today announced they have partnered with more than 86 high schools and sports camps around the country for this upcoming school year. In the 2013-14 school year, Path4Success established partnerships with 22 schools, speaking to more than 9,000 students and assisting more than 97% move on to college, with an average of 80% of their education paid for by scholarships and/or grants.

Seminars and assemblies are located at high schools across the nation, educating students on the importance of academics, standardized test scores and college admissions process. The seminars also touch on important topics such as cyber-bullying, social media, as well as drugs and alcohol. Each assembly has more than 50 students signing in to the Academic Mentoring program, which has qualified mentors assisting students through high school, as well as college.

"We have seen a positive shift with students and parents when we have the ability to speak to students based on our past experiences, as well as the professional athletes’ experiences. By teaming up with current and retired NFL, MLB and NBA players and coaches who speak with us, kids are able to hear about the importance of a high school education and the possibilities of not only attending college, but having the ability to earn scholarships and grants to afford their college education,” Josh Tiffany, Executive Director of Path4Success, stated. Path4Success is rolling out a new program that works directly with school counselors and college officers within the schools, to assist students on a daily basis, which has already enrolled 29 schools around the country.

Headquartered in Meridian, ID, Path4Success, Corp, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The Academic Mentoring and College Readiness program is a systematic approach to help students in low-income, at-risk youth, with a higher percentage of free and reduced lunches within their school, understand the importance of academics. The Academic Mentoring and College preparedness program mentors students with their school academics, assists in the preparation of standardized ACT/SAT tests, college admission applications and college scholarships application process. Since 2010, Path4Success has successfully assisted thousands of high school students with improving their overall grade point average by an average of one full grade letter. 97% of all students enrolled in the program have been accepted and moved on to college, with an average of 80% of their college tuition paid for by scholarships and/or grants.