Philly Seeks Input on Which Schools to Close

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Philadelphia School District is preparing to close roughly 40 schools in June, and officials want your opinion on how they should pick which ones to shutter.


Though the district engaged the public in a months-long process before closing eight schools last year, there was some skepticism around the process - how were the criteria developed? And why was an internal list of potential closure targets developed before the public had any say?

Danielle Floyd, the official overseeing the closing process, said that this time, the district wants to hear more before it starts compiling a list of schools that might be closed.

"Folks wanted to understand at a high level, at a policy level, the types of trade-offs about the decisions we were making," Floyd said. "We didn't want to assume anything; we wanted to ask them what they were thinking."

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