Pike County one of first in Alabama with virtual high school

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Many colleges and universities have turned to the internet to offer online classes and degrees. Now, the Pike County School System is one of the first in Alabama to do the same.

It's called Virtual High School. The program will offer credit recovery for students who have fallen behind and are more likely to drop out. It's also for students who are eager to jump ahead and take advanced classes. The classes will be taught over the internet with videos of lectures and possibly even Skype. Required credit classes will be offered, along with AP, Dual Enrollment, and electives normally not available at a regular high school, such as Latin and Anthropology. With this new program, educators hope students will be more likely to stay in school and in the end, increase graduation.

"The rigor is there, the work still has to be done, but it is possibly removing some barriers that the kids may have had that were holding them back even more," said Dr. Mark Head, administrative assistant to the superintendent. "At least another avenue and opportunity they can go do this and maybe work a little more at their own pace, whether it's faster or slower. We're really excited about it."

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