Play-based learning works

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, October 31, 2013

It was a delight to see a fellow school, Drumlin Farm Community pre-school, sharing space in a recent news magazine with an article examining the adoption of the Common Core Standards by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Nothing warms my heart more than seeing diverse concepts side by side, that may not seem connected, and yet they are very much so.  

What happens in the pre-school classroom lays the foundation for future learning.  When we see elementary and secondary education extending our best pre-school practice into their classrooms we are thrilled.  What takes place in the Drumlin Farm Community pre-school farmhouse, fields and barn, embodies the all that is good in early childhood education. 

Weaving learning into curriculum guided by the interests of children and nurtured by teachers who lead children through exploration and inquiry is what happens in most play-based pre-school and early education environments. 

The pedagogy that lies at the foundation of play-based early education recognizes the immense value of nurturing the development of a child’s natural curiosity over direct instruction.

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