Policy ending criticized lesson plans leaves Texas schools in a bind

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last month, State Senator Dan Patrick, the chairman of the Senate Education Committee, announced what he called the end of an era in Texas public schools.

Beginning Aug. 31, the state’s curriculum support system, known as Cscope, will no longer be a source of lesson plans for the 875 school districts that rely on it. The system, developed by a coalition of 20 publicly financed education service centers, will revert to being a scheduling tool for educators.

The move, part of an agreement with state lawmakers near the end of the most recent legislative session, was a victory for activists, including the conservative talk-radio host Glenn Beck, who has said that Cscope advances an anti-American agenda. But in the districts that use the system, primarily smaller ones, some officials said the decision would force them to use already scarce finances to develop unnecessary new materials.

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