Poll: Michiganers Support Expanding Ed Options

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Michigan residents overwhelmingly support giving parents whose children attend failing schools the option to send their kids to better schools, according to results of a survey released.

The results come at a time when the Michigan Legislature is considering a wide-reaching, controversial package of bills that in part would lift caps that restrict the number of charter schools that can open, allow parents to vote to force their failing school to be converted into a charter school and increase opportunities for public and private school students who want to take college classes while in high school. The bills have been dubbed the Parent Empowerment Reform package because the idea is to provide parents with more options for their children’s education.

“Michigan families have grown lethargic of the status quo and want the ability to choose where and how their children receive the best education possible,” Paul A. Long, president and CEO of the Michigan Catholic Conference, said in a news release.

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