The power of physical activity

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The health status of American youth is receiving a significant amount of attention. More of our kids are overweight and obese than ever before, in part because of a significant decline in physical activity levels.

Physical education became a curricular course in Wisconsin in 1923 as a result of high military draft rejection rates in World War I. Since that time, we've moved beyond treating physical education as playtime or training for team sports. Our physical education teachers are professional educators who plan a comprehensive physical education curriculum founded on lifetime fitness.

From kindergarten through high school students learn about and play various team and individual sports, are exposed to a wide range of movement, experience ageappropriate assessment, and learn about the connections between good health and physical activity.

But physical education class isn't quite enough exercise. Our kids need to be active outside of school and with their families. In fact, exercises learned in school can be shared at home and become a fun source of family time.

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