Preferred Meal Systems Supports Food Day 2012's Healthy Eating Initiatives

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preferred Meal Systems, Inc., a national supplier of healthy, well-balanced component meals, announces that it is supporting Food Day 2012 with kick-off activities to be observed on Wednesday, October 24.

Food Day is organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to further knowledge, understanding and dialogue about critical topics in food, agriculture and nutrition. Food Day will be celebrated across the country and promotes the importance of four key nutrition and health-related topics:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Leading an active lifestyle to promote good health
  • Encouraging local farming

Preferred Meal Systems is promoting Food Day with its Healthier Foods for a Healthier Me campaign to support child nutrition and foster healthier lifestyle habits. Preferred Meal Systems has provided meals to students for 45 years.

The Preferred Meal Systems Healthier Foods for a Healthier Me campaign promotes nutrition, overall good health, and farm families.

Preferred Meal Systems has already provided schools with a colorful Food Day poster to create awareness and build interest in Food Day 2012. The poster is on display in prominent areas of each school cafeteria. The second initiative is a Food Facts & Fun Booklet, which will be distributed to students on Food Day. The booklet contains games and trivia reinforcing Food Day's three key nutrition and health-related topics.

As part of Food Day, Preferred Meal Systems will again feature a special meal that day which will further demonstrate how delicious a balanced meal can be for them. The meal will include seasoned chicken wings and drums, with a corn muffin. The meal will also include low fat milk, seasonal fresh fruit and fresh vegetables sourced locally.

In January 2013, Preferred Meal Systems will conduct a Healthier Foods for a Healthier Me art contest. Winners will be selected by special guest judges based on originality of design, theme message clarity and artistic merit. The first place school winners will be revealed on a Preferred Meal System delivery truck in 2013. Second and third place winners will be featured on school tray liners and the annual calendar during the 2013-14 school year.

"The Preferred Meal Systems Healthier Foods for a Healthier Me campaign supporting Food Day 2012 will help educate students about the importance of food and nutrition as well as why breakfast and lunch selections are healthier and even more appealing to them today," said George A. Chivari, President & CEO Preferred Meal Systems. "We are totally committed to providing students we serve with healthy and tasty meals," he added.

Preferred Meal Systems, Inc.

Since 1967, Preferred Meal Systems headquartered in Berkeley, Illinois supplies healthy, well-balanced component meals to more than 1.7 million children in public and private school districts and charter schools throughout the United States. In addition to serving wholesome and affordable meals, Preferred Meal Systems offers school foodservice operations its service solutions, including menu-planning and development, training and equipment. The company provides breakfast, lunch and after-school dinner meals during the school year as well as to summer nutritional meal programs. For further information about Preferred Meal Systems visit