Premier Literacy debuts Premier Cloud Connect

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Premier Literacy is proud to announce Version 16 of its flagship suite of Accessibility Software, now including the launch of Premier Cloud Connect.

Premier Literacy is once again expanding the horizons of innovation for accessible learning. Increasingly, the future of student success requires access to resources in "the Cloud" and now Premier Literacy takes you there. The latest Cloud technologies are revolutionizing education by opening the doors to an entirely new universe of widespread communication and knowledge. With Premier Cloud Connect, you can directly link students, their learning tools and essential content to the Cloud via Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive services. Our seamless access to Cloud-based content using Premier tools will enable everyone to freely create, save and transfer information to and from the Cloud as easily as working on your own devices, so files can be easily shared between students, faculty and staff.

Premier Literacy's learning solutions are an integral part of driving student success though access for all. Premier Cloud Connect is now built into your favorite Premier learning technologies. With Premier Cloud Connect, it is now possible to:

  • Empower all students to share documents, ideas and resources for group projects
  • Review / track assignments and revisions
  • Increase student, parent and teacher collaboration and communication
  • Track homework
  • Access files from anywhere

For more information about Premier's Cloud Connect, select the following link to watch a brief informational video or visit our website at