Projections show fewer A elementaries in Fla. district, more schools receiving lower grades

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

When letter grades are released this month, Duval County will likely see substantially fewer A schools, twice as many B schools and double the failing schools.

However, Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says the grades likely will not show the true picture of how schools performed. That’s because the state Board of Education passed last-minute changes Tuesday to the formula for determining letter grades.

One noteworthy change: no matter how poorly a school performed this year, a school will not drop more than one letter grade. The change means some schools’ letter grade will mislead the public on how well a school performed, Vitti said

“So, for example, let’s say you have a school that was an A and is going to be a C, it [the state’s letter grade release] will say a B even though that school should be a C,” Vitti said. “Now they will have to be an asterisk next to that school. It leads to increasing skepticism in what a letter grade means.”

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