Proposed Bill would Expand Voucher Program to Ohio School Districts

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Not all Ohio public school educators opposed Senate Bill 5, though more than a few administrators and school board members stood beside the teachers’ unions in working to repeal the controversial collective bargaining law.

But now attention is shifting to another controversial issue affecting public schools: the proposed expansion of the private school voucher program. And this time, public educators of every stripe — teachers, administrators, board members — appear united in opposition to the bill.

They are concerned House Bill 136 could potentially drain millions in public tax dollars from school districts at a time when many already have experienced deep funding cuts.

“It’s the most powerful and aggressive piece of legislation with a direct goal of destroying public education,” Yellow Springs Exempted Village Schools Superintendent Mario Basora said.

His district would face the potential loss of more than $300,000 within three years. That’s about one-third of the $900,000 in state aid the district receives annually.

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