Public schools' next challenge: market themselves to attract students

Monday, June 16, 2014

For years public schools have evolved in how they deliver their services to children and recalibrate those services due to changing expectations from governmental guidelines at the state and federal level. Now districts have a new challenge: how to market themselves to attract students to attend their schools.

While schools have always pointed with pride to their accomplishments and felt a bit of competition with neighboring districts in academics as well as in non-academic comparisons, things are different now. Thanks to education reform and technology, K-12 students and their families now have many more options for how/where/when they receive their education. From online schools, to charter schools, to private schools, and even home schools: many students are leaving traditional public schools for perceived greener pastures.

So, what information are these families using to make these important decisions? Is it possible that often the public school is actually the greenest pasture for the K-12 student, but they and their parents just don't know it? Probably so.

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