Q&A: City Youth Commissioners Talks About Teen Job Shortage

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

As the Journal reported, New York City teens are facing a tough job hunt this summer, competing with experienced, more educated adults for jobs as well as thousands of other teens for limited spots in public programs.

Francisco Lahoz, 18-years-old from Queens, struggled to find work this summer, eventually landing part-time work with Make the Road, a community-based organization in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which has had to slash the number of part-time summer jobs it offers to teens over the summer due to funding cuts.

One option for Lahoz would have been to apply to the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program, run by the Department of Youth and Community Development. But he didn’t apply, aware of his slim chances for securing a spot.

Last week, the final numbers for the program were announced: 132,000 teenagers applied, with less than 30,000 landing a minimum wage position for seven weeks with partnering organizations and city departments.

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