QC Educator Files Patent for Porta-School

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dr. Diana Muir of East Moline, IL has filed a provisional process patent for a product called Porta-School that contains everything you need to take a class, teach an entire high school program or learn a career/technical trade anywhere in the world on a solar powered tablet. Porta-School, will contain curriculum, exams, digital texts, resources, social networking tools, and assessment tools all on a solar powered tablet, with other applicable aps.

Dr. Muir, recognized as the Global Educator of the Year in 2010 by CCLP, a European education entity, owns and operates the World Virtual School (http://wvs.us.com/) She is a certified e-learning expert through the United Nations e-MAP and has worked in online education since 1995. The WVS currently operates in 117 countries and serves more than 540,000 students, many of whom do not have electricity, internet connection, or access to basic education. Porta-School will solve the problem of connectivity and include all the resources and back office infrastructure needed to take a class, learn an occupation, or run a school in 3rd world countries. It will also be used in areas such as the Appalachian Mountains, rural townships, and natural disaster areas in the United States.

Dr. Muir is currently vetting technology companies to develop the software and applications to make the product state-of-the-art and low-cost. Porta-School will be available in 16 different languages and can contain up to 400 online courses. While other companies have created programs and tablets that provide individual programs, the Porta-School will combine all of these elements into a unique all-inclusive, stand-alone product. For more information, you can contact admin@wvs.us.com for additional details.

The WVS is an online virtual high school that delivers the highest quality, equitable, accessible state-of-the-art education to a global community, entirely over the internet.