Quality education trumps state championships

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Monday night, a group of parents met with the Johnson County School District’s Board of Trustees to express concerns about a perceived lack of communication between parents, coaches, administrators and school board members. Parents maintain that coaches are treating student athletes unfairly and that school administrators aren’t doing enough about it. Parents say they are being left out of the process when it comes to addressing problems, and they want to have a say in the school district’s procedures, including sports and academia.

While we applaud these parents for coming forward to openly express their frustrations to administrators and trustees, we are concerned that athletics were the driving force in coming forward.

When the state of Wyoming rejected Next Generation Science Standards without even reviewing them, parents did not organize to express their objections. When ACT scores fell well below the state average for the first time in recent history, parents did not come forward to demand that the school district address the declining scores or articulate a plan for improving student achievement.

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