Quick Tips for Online Identity Management

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Thursday, February 2, 2012
Deborah Karcher, CIO of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, meets with a network a

For district leaders considering idenitity and access management programs, Sandeep Chellani, executive director of product development for the New
York City Public Schools, says it's important to become as aware as possible of the benefits and potential of identity management and not to be at the mercy of vendors. "Districts need to step up and do a better job of voicing concerns and pushing vendors to meet their needs," Chellani says.

Deborah Karcher, CIO of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, says that conducting a cost-benefit analysis should precede implementation. Maintaining IAM services for such a large district as hers is expensive, but it comes down to only about $10 per user per year. "But if your district has only 10,000 users,” she says, "it might not be as financially efficient to invest in an IAM program."

Chris Squatritto, director of technical resources for Nevada’s Clark County School District, says that working with other districts to take advantage of their expertise has been extremely helpful. For instance, Squatritto says that other districts have recommended that Clark County take stock of its existing hardware and technology resources to be sure they are being maximized as the district goes forward with its IAM implementation. Since the district was already using Oracle’s information management system, administrators decided to go with Oracle’s identity management system to reduce the learning curve and time needed to get the system up and running.