Raises Reduced for Des Moines School District Officials

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Seven Des Moines school district administrators once slated for raises of $5,000 to $25,000 are now poised to receive more modest pay increases, according to information released by the district.

The board is now slated to vote on a proposal to award 3.95 percent raises to each of the administrators. Resulting pay increases would range from $4,938 to $4,543 annually. The proposed increases are in line with raises given to other district employees, including teachers.

Compensation rates for the district’s top executives have been a point of contention at board meetings this summer. Administrator salaries also were a concern of former Superintendent Nancy Sebring, who discussed administrator pay increases in an April 23 email obtained by The Des Moines Register through an open records request.

In the email, she told board President Teree Caldwell-Johnson and board Vice President Dick Murphy that other Iowa districts with higher-paying positions had been “poaching” Des Moines administrators.

“As you may recall, over the previous 4-5 years, during the budget crisis, there were times when administrators got no raises, got smaller percentage raises than teachers, and took furlough days,” Sebring wrote, noting three principals and two central office staff members had left the district in that time period. “The long term effect has been to depress their salaries in comparison to the neighboring districts.”

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