Raleigh, N.C. public school students take too many tests, governor says

Friday, June 7, 2013

Raleigh Public school students take too many tests, Gov. Pat McCrory told education leaders Wednesday, and the state needs to figure out how to lighten the load.

During a meeting with the State Board of Education, McCrory said he has instructed his new senior education adviser, Eric Guckian, to identify which tests are unnecessary and report back by the end of the summer.

The move is the latest example of how top elected officials are putting the state’s testing and education standards under fresh scrutiny. Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a member of the state education board, has promised a critical review of the K-12 learning standards known as “Common Core” that North Carolina adopted in 2010.

The challenges to the status quo are turning the once-sleepy State Board of Education meetings into pointed exchanges. The board, which until a few months ago contained all Democrats, now features a mix of veterans and new McCrory appointees.

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