Rand Paul Stalls Senate Education Bill

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Republican Sen. Rand Paul may not have the clout in Congress to reach his goal of eliminating the Department of Education, but he can do a close second: shut down the Senate committee trying to pass sweeping new federal education legislation.

The Kentucky senator dug deep into the procedural arsenal Wednesday to halt the committee that was meeting to revamp the No Child Left Behind legislation.

The bill has broad bipartisan support and was expected to clear the panel later this week. Senate rules limit committee meetings to two hours while the Senate is in session – a rule that is routinely broken with unanimous agreement of the senators. But as is the case in the Senate, any one senator has the power to object. On Wednesday, Paul did just that.

“I’m one of the old-fashioned conservatives who does believe that schools are and should be under local and state control,” Paul said as he mounted his objection from the Senate floor. “There’s no provisions for the federal government to be involved. Period.”

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